If you and your family need more space but don’t want to move to a new house, getting a home extension is the perfect solution. You can add new rooms to your home and customise them to fit your needs perfectly. Simply let us know what you have in mind, and we’ll give you a free, transparent quote and make your dreams a reality.



It doesn’t matter whether you are looking to add more space to your home, update your floorplan, refresh your rooms or create a more functional space; GT Buran Buildings are ready to put their years of experience and expertise to work to create your dream home. We’ll collaborate with you to enhance your home and bring out the best it has to offer.



Decks, Patios, Outdoor rooms are the ideal extension to capitalise on our culture of outdoor living because they are designed to suit your home and lifestyle. No matter your needs may be, we will create a fully designed custom deck, alfresco area and outdoor room renovation carefully integrated into the existing roof line or as an extension, using only the highest quality construction methods and materials.



You are allowing yourself a new room to work, to relax, to play or keep the kids entertained in. Renovating your roof space is very rewarding. Not only are you converting unused space, you are potentially transforming your home from a 2/3 bedroom into a 3/4 bedroom property or in the case of an attic conversion, creating a new storage room.



If you have a small commercial property and want to add value, talk to us. We draw on clever design solutions to make the most of small spaces and limited budgets. Extending your commercial premises can double the value of your lettable area, usually at a very affordable price. Whatever your reasons may be, we will bring your vision to life for less than you might think and add real value to your business.



We pride ourselves on being dependable and a diversified source of building maintenance available across the greater Dublin area. Our full range of commercial building maintenance services include but are not limited to: Carpentry, Joinery repairs and Installation, Plumbing installations, Bricklaying, Electrical work, Painting, Concreting, Roofing repairs, Fencing installations and repairs.